Top 6 Tips to Prepare for Festival Season

Meet Liz, the ultimate raver! Since it’s 2016, I think we’ve all heard of raves or  other music festivals such as Electronic Daisy Carnival (EDC)and Coachella. I decided to ask Liz for some insights on what raving is all about and some tips on how to survive these events!  Get to know Liz in our short interview and you’ll come across the survival tips. If you would like to know how to dress for raves, feel free watch her tutorial here.
  Q: What is EDM?
           L:  EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music, and its a genre of dance music.
    Q: What exactly is raving?

L: Raving to me is a lifestyle, this is like my favorite type of music, I go the music, DJs, I don’t really admire pop artist, i get more excited to see EDM DJ’s lives more than pop artist like Nicki Minaj and Drake

         Q: Why are you so passionate about raving and EDM?
L: I love EDM so much, its just different and unique, its not something you hear on the radio or see on TV as you would with mainstream music. Raving is my way of way of having fun, I love it, I’ve grown very fond of it these past two years I’ve been raving
    Q:  How long have you been raving for?
L:  I’ve been raving for two years now since I reached the legal age of raving, since then I’ve gone to 12 raves
  Q: Which is your favorite rave event ?
L: I love EDC Las Vegas, by far the best, worth every penny!

  Q: Who do you look forward to performing?
L: My favorite DJ Martin Garrix
 Q:   How many people do you usually go with?
 L: I go with a group around 3-5

     Q: How do you dance at raves?
L: I see alot of people who like to shuffle, which is easier to dance to EDM, but most of the time people are watching the DJ.


1. Stay Hydrated 


“Most raves don’t allow you to bring your own bottle of water, so bring an empty water bottle so that you keep hydrated throughout the night”

                                                          2.Don’t lose your friends



 “Most of the time, there is no service at raves. There’s a big crowd and you really don’t want to be alone, you never know what will happen in a big crowd of people.”
3. Keeping your personal wallets in a safe spot


 “Such as a  backpack or fanny pack or anything that will be east access to yourself and is an easy thing to carry. Ex, I get my I.D, my debit card, and slip it into my phone case and it wont fall out throughout the night and you can carry it in your hand with you”

                                       4. Make sure you have a set schedule for the night



“So that you and your friends know what you’re all doing and come up with a meeting spot, just incase.”
5. Don’t get carried away with illegal substances, the consequences can be deadly. 



                                                     6. Wear comfortable shoes


“I recommend wearing comfortable running shoes, but if you’re like me and want to look cute in gladiator sandals, go for it.”



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