Cinespia: Movies at a cemetery? No problem.

I was able to watch “Some Like it Hot” in the same vicinity as Judy Garland, Mel Blanc, Griffith J. Griffith and Toto (yes, the dog) thanks to Cinespia. Cinespia is an outdoor movie “experience” that is held every summer at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. You’re probably wondering, did you eat on top of grave stones? No, fortunately I did not. While attending this event, you are directed to an empty grass lot in the cemetery. I was looking forward to seeing the big names I mentioned earlier, but I found out the hard way that the cemetery is closed during Cinespia operating hours and you’re not allowed to walk around. So if you are wanting to take pictures next to celebs graves, you have to go during business hours.

The premise of hanging around a cemetery might sound strange, but was a great experience. Thank you to my mother who surprised me with tickets to this.

Free photobooth, which was showcased on the projector before the movie

Like expected, my mom and I arrived an hour and a half early and there was a long line of people at the gate. Fortunately, she purchased on-site parking (which I recommend) and we drove right in to the cemetery when the gates opened.

Paying $16 for this event wasn’t too bad, but I was hoping to get a new type of ambiance or experience other than sitting outside. My wish came true, as a people watcher, I enjoyed looking at trendy and hipster outfits showcased by 20 to 35-year-olds (I personally believe this event suits every age group). I assume some to be models, musicians, photographers or just young college kids enjoying a night out.

According to John Wyatt, founder of Cinespia, over 4,000 people attended that night, which is insane.

Waiting for “Some Like it Hot” to start

Our DJ is known as “CosmicDan” on Instagram, and his song selection was amazing. They seem to have ¬†originated from the 1950’s- to late 1970’s. I was stressed about Shazaming every song I liked before they were about to end.

Here are some of the songs I Shazamed, have you heard of any of them? Let me know in the comments.

(You can click on the titles)

“You and Me” by Penny and The Quarters

“Bei Mir Bist Du Schon” by The Andrew Sisters

“I Only Have Eyes For You” by The Flamingos

“Dancin’ In The Moonlight” by King Harvest

“Ring My Bell” by Blood Sisters

“If I Could”¬† by Regina Belle

People in line for coffee or popcorn

Although I enjoyed my meals sitting on my Mickey Mouse Dodgers blanket, people take this picnic thing seriously at Cinespia. I saw groups with picnic tables, lanterns, chilled wine, cute battery operated string lights and meat and cheese assortments placed carefully on a cutting board.

Compared to other outdoor cinemas I’ve been to, they didn’t have alot of food truck selections or options, but atleast the few were nicely decorated.

Founder of Cinespia, John Wyatt, introducing himself ,the history of Cinespia and upcoming trailers
People eating and watching the previews
“Some Like it Hot”
“Some Like it Hot”


The movie, “Some Like it Hot”, was amazing, I’ve never seen a Marilyn Monroe movie and I’m glad I popped my Monroe cherry at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. ¬†This movie was unexpectedly hilarious and I enjoyed every second of it. Definitely recommend you check this out.

I will be uploading a vlog soon on this, stay tuned for that!

Have you ever been to an outdoor cinema? How was it? if not, Let me know which ones you would like to try in the comments below.

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