Annabelle 2: Creation Review + Mistake


Film: Annabelle 2

Director: David F. Sandberg

Rating: 4.5/5

I am a huge fan of The Conjuring franchise. After I re-watched The Conjuring 2 last month, the ending reminded me how I still needed to see Annabelle the movie. I’m so glad that I saw it in July, because I had the plot fresh in my head and only had to wait a month to see Annabelle: Creation. In this review, I will be going over things that stuck to me out the most.

Although the first movie, Annabelle, had an amazing story line and jump scares, Evelyn committing suicide at the end to save the baby was a lazy ending. Although I left with an alright impression, I still looked forward to the sequel.


The theatre was pretty packed, which made me excited because hearing the audience reactions adds to the experience.Annabelle: Creation is about a young murderous demon named Annabelle, that taunts 6 young orphan girls, a nun and the two house owners.

The movie took place between the 50’s and 60’s, two of my favorite eras. The first thing I noticed about the movie is the cinematography, it was stunning and similar to the first movie and Conjuring movies.

The whole movie was amazing, but the first 20 minutes had me hooked. I was mesmerized by the smooth dolly shots when the girls were looking through their new home. It was the smoothest house tour I’ve ever seen and was a beautiful introduction to the house. I felt like I was on a simulator ride at Universal Studios.

The film was dependent on the back ground music, which there was a great selection of to build up the suspense. This movie has a few effective jump scares and lots of creepy suspenseful moments. I typically love jump scares but glad there wasn’t many because I wasn’t in the mood to scream and embarrass myself.

I would like to thank the audience for being so entertaining. It made the movie even more enjoyable. The scene where Janice (played by Talitha Bateman) was fighting off the human ghost of Annabelle on the stairs made the audience scream-laugh- and then scream again all in 5 minutes, it was hilarious.


I did notice my very scene mistake in the movie. While Linda (played by LuLu Wilson) was pushing the lid off the wishing well to throw the Annabelle doll away, she left the lid half way opened. When Sister Charolette caught her in the midst of it, Linda turned back to the wishing well, the lid was completely off.


So why am I giving this a 4.5 instead of a 5? Throughout the movie I kept wondering how the doll was haunted. I felt like the doll was just a prop. The demonic human form of Annabelle scared me but I was never really able to correlate the human Annabelle to the doll, I felt like they were two separate entities and not joint.


This movie was way better than the first one and the ending was great. I recommend that everyone go and see this.

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