6 Shopping Hacks You NEED to know

Do you get anxious while shopping at malls? Are you a quick shopper? Do you like to take your time while shopping? If you answered “Yes” to any of those question, this post will be so helpful for you! In this post, you will learn amazing shopping life hacks that will save you time and money whether if you’re at the mall, thrift or grocery store.

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1. Wear Leggings:


I don’t know about you, but I’m that girl who tries on 10 + items of clothing in the dressing room. My mom and sales associates always side eye me.

But luckily for them, leggings have helped speed up the trying on process. Instead of struggling to put my jeans back on or dreading to take them off, leggings are easy to slip on.

They’re light weigh to the point where you’ll always be comfortable, especially after trying 20 + items of clothing all day (or is that just me?).

Any who, I recommend capri leggings because they’re less of a hassle than longer leggings.

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2. Wear Spandex shorts:


I love thrift shopping but I am iffy about trying on jeans. You and I have no idea who owned those cute flared pants, how they wore them or the person who tried them on before. Spandex shorts covers enough to where I feel comfortable that I’m protecting myself from the pants past life.


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3. Wear Sandals:


Similar to jeans, I dislike taking off and putting on my shoes continuously, especially in the dressing room. Tennis shoes and boots are cute but require alot more effort to put back on than sandals.

I recommend sandals so you can quickly take off and on your shoes whether you’re in the dressing room or want to try on shoes really quickly.

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4. Tie Your Jacket Around Your Waist:

 Whenever I went on a huge “Treat yo’ self” shopping spree, I ended up having to carry a ton of bags.

Although I can carry them on my own, the only hassle I have left is usually my jacket.

Do I wear it and suck up the heat I’m about to encounter? Or do I add extra weight in my bag by placing it in one of them?

Nope, I just tie it around my waist. If possible, instead of wearing heavy jackets or bulky jean jackets, try getting one that easily folds without falling down.

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5. Use Reusable Grocery Bags (RGB): 

I don’t know about you, but in California plastic bags are banned. Instead, we have to use reusable bags.

I prefer reusable bags over plastic because they carry more and feel lighter.

You could save a hauling trip to your house by using reusable bags.

Sometimes, I’ll use retail reusable bags because they hold even more items than RGB (be careful because the sides flare out more which can cause items to fall). Reusable bags are also better for the environment.

6. Plan Your Outfits Ahead of Time: 

I use to go to the mall or thrift with no goal to buy anything in particular.

I would just buy whatever I thought was cute or felt  would “broaden my style”, alot of those items have been collecting dust in my closet.

Now, I go on Pinterest and look at outfit inspo and have an idea of what to purchase. Those items I do wear, therefore my money is not going to waste.

I highly recommend you check out Pinterest for outfit ideas and pin them for your next shopping trip. Feel free to check out my Pinterest outfit for ideas.


Question for you: Which tips did you find useful? or feel free to share a hack (don’t worry I wont post it) Let me know in the comments!

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