6 Tips On How to Take Amazing Food Pics!

Have you ever  Insta- stalked food bloggers and became hungry all of a sudden? That’s what happened when I was scrolling through @TheOliveandMango Instagram, aka Joanne. Joanne is the owner of OliveandMango.com, a “Budget conscious lifestyle on food, travel and well-being!” according to her website. I asked Joanne how she is able to take captivating pics of her daily meals and she gave me the inside scoop….

Photo Cred: @TheOliveandMango via Instagram

1. “When editing I try to use the most natural shots possible with few filters.  When the pics are good the filters will be few.”

Photo Cred@TheOliveandMango via Instagram

2. “For my food pics I try to take my time and take many different shots so I have lots to choose from when editing.  So I will take some flat lays some close ups, off centered etc…”

Photo Cred: @TheOliveandMango via Instagram
3. “I try to take my pics at certain times of the day where the natural lighting is just right not too harsh but soft to prevent glare and bad shadows”
Photo Cred:@TheOliveandMango via Instagram
4. “Make sure the food is always the center piece.”
Photo cred:@TheOliveandMango via Instagram
5. I also scroll through other food pics for inspiration and then see what props I have to work with. Which is not much at the moment but it’s a work in progress.”
Photo Cred: @TheOliveandMango (via Instagram)
6. Always take pics in different frames. Some square for IG, regular frame for blog and elongated for Pinterest if you can and remember.  I don’t always remember the elongated ones
Thank you to Joanne for sharing her awesome tips! Make sure to check out her blog OliveandMango.com and follow her on Instagram  @TheOliveandMango (Warning: You will become hungry)
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