6 Horror Movies You Must See Before Halloween

 Want to cut down on spending and settle for an at home movie night this season? Well, I have the perfect movie suggestions for you. Alot of these movies are scary in their own ways and offer a unique story line, which I look forward to in movies. Most of these movies you can rent for less than $5.00 on Youtube. So grab your popcorn, drinks, grandma, friends and enjoy!  

1. It Follows

I put this as my number one for a reason. This movie is amazing and I’m sure you haven’t seen anything like it. It’s about a girl, Jay Height, who has sex, but then contracts a supernatural STD.

This entity will always know where Jay is and follows her at a walking pace. But if it catches her, it will kill her and the previous person who passed it on. You can find it on Netflix or rent it or Youtube for $2.99. 

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2. It (Original Movie) 

Growing up, my grandpa had the “It” novel by Stephen King lying around the house. I never understood how a clown could be scary. Therefore, I brushed it off. I finally decided to give the original movie a chance and watched it a month before the 2017 adaptation.

The original was amazing and I think everyone should see it. The original and the new adaptation are two different things, so don’t worry about watching a repeat. After watching the original movie, I can see why it received the amount of popularity it did.


3.The Ring

This movie use to scare me as a child. I was so scared that I put off watching this movie. After not seeing it in about 10+ years, I decided to give it another chance a few days ago.

I was horrified, once again, but also realized how great this movie is. It’s the perfect mystery/thriller and I wish there was more like it. The ending is completely unexpected aswell. 

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4. Paranormal Activity Series

I’ve only seen the first four Paranormal Activities out of five (didn’t know there was a fifth one till this blog post). Most people cringe at remakes but I think the series is great. The ones I enjoyed most is the first Paranormal activity (2009) and Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (2014). 


5. The Conjuring Series

What I love about the Conjuring series is that it’s hard to predict what will happen next. Wonderful cinematography and amazing story line.



6. Sinister 

This movie is back cringing. This movie use to be my top favorite because I haven’t seen anything like it. The demon in this movie is creepy. If you like movies that freak you out and have a twisted ending, you’ll like this. 

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