$1 Forever 21 Hack

Got $2? Then head over to Forever 21 and grab your self a tank top! I’m about to share with you this amazing hack I learned from AshGhotCakesTV on YouTube.

The tank top specifically is called a ,”Classic Cotton Blend Cami”, and is great for achieving a 90’s inspired look.



The trick is to pull each strap to the opposite side of your head.
Here is a demo-Skip to :38 :


The tank comes in over 10 colors according to the Forever 21 website, which means different colors for different seasons and moods!

What makes this hack amazing is that it’s affordable, trendy, versatile and accessible.

Here are some different ways to style it:

For a beautiful Bohemian- Hippie look, pair with cotton bell-bottoms


For a cool and casual look, flaunt your top in high-waisted shorts

If it gets a little chilly, throwing on an oversized sweater will help keep you warm but allows your top to create a cool design.

You can also watch the video version here

If you try this look, please share with me on social media. If I receive five examples, I will feature them in this blog post.

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Question for you: What’s your favorite style hack?  Leave a comment below!




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